Luminic Ipl Hair Removal

The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the melanin in hair follicle,
producing photthermal effect, rising the temperature of follicle rapidly. The
hair follicle is coagulated finally and the effect of hair reduction is reached.

Skin rejuvenation IPL light activated fibroblast to produce new collagen and elastic fibres,
consequently smoothes skin and returns elasticity to skin. Phtotothermal effect diminishes
wrinkles and shrink pores.

The special spectrum of IPL penetrates skin and absorbed by porphyrin,stimulates
porphyrin to release monomorphism oxyanion which kill propinoibacterium acnes effectively.


Voltage: AC110+-10%,AC220V+10%,50-60Hz
Pluse Speed: 1 pulse every 3.5 seconds
Max Energy Level: 3-10.4J/CM2(HR),1.8-5.5J/CM2(SR)
Spot Size: 30cm* 15cm
Wavelength: 740~1100nm(Hair Removal),420~1100nm(skin rejuvenation)
Lamp Life: 6000 flash HR lamp,20000 flash SR lamp
Machine Weight: 1.5kg

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